Introduction to Python

Jan - Feb
€75, €25 cashback

An indroduction to the world of programming using Python 3, and how to think and express ideas in code. This course fulfills a requirement for the Turing Machine and Deep Learning course


CS50x by TSR

Feb - May
€150, €50 cashback

Based on the famous Harvard CS50 course, this course teaches the fundamentals of computers and data, computational thinking through programming, and building programs, and the effect of computers on society.

Turing Machine & Deep Learning (4 ECTS*)

In order to SIGN UP:

- Sign up before February 17th, 2020 via THIS TYPEFORM.

- We will contact the accepted students on the 24th of February.

Starting the first week of March, we are organising a Machine Learning & Deep Learning Course.

Erasmus School of Economics students can apply for the ESE track, obtain 4 ECTS extracurricular and will receive a notification on their diploma and a separate certificate.

The course is free for Erasmus School of Economics students.

During these training sessions, our head teacher, Eva van Rooijen, will introduce you to key data science methods in Python and you will be able to apply it to your own field of interest.

We aim to motivate you through introductory lectures; resources and projects tailored to your individual interests. You will be provided with lecture slides; example Python notebooks and a list of deepening resources on a weekly basis.

Topics covered during the course:

1. Introduction & Data

2. Unsupervised Learning

3. Supervised Learning

4. Neural Networks: Theory

5. Neural Networks: Applied

6. Reinforcement Learning

7. Model Validation

We provide students with lecture slides; example Python notebooks and a list of deepening resources on a weekly basis. Experience in Python is required for the course.

Please note:

- Some experience in Python is required for this course.

- To ensure a small class size we will only be accepting a limited amount of students. Allocation is based on the application process (CV and motivation).

- The course is free for students who are registered at the Erasmus School of Economics and they will obtain ECTS upon completion.

Course price for non-ESE students: €150, with €50 cash back upon completion of the course.

Course is free for ESE students.

Course syllabus

Course schedule

*Please note that the 4 ECTS track is only accessible for ESE students.